Saturday, March 6

liberty at target!!

anyone else just dying over the fact that the liberty of london collection at target is just a little over a week away? i will be stalking. seriously.

they have a lol BIKE! a bike my friends!!! how will i resist.

wonder if we’ll buy anything and cut it up to make project bags? ;)

a tea set is on my list of must haves. will i be the only one waiting for the doors to open on the 14th? you know this limited edition stuff goes fast!

check out the liberty commercial

p.s. yes, completely random out of the blue blog post. i see blogger is changing their ftp posting in may. this might kick me in the pants to retire this blog (you heard right!) and start a new one. i just need to find that company that can print blogs and make a book out of them. once i have the gtbg blog recorded forever in a book i'll feel good about a new knitting/home decor/random blog.

Sunday, November 22

so sad...

that it takes another twilight event to get me back blogging! lol. pathetic.

as most of you know the movie came out last week. i stood in line for hours on thursday night for the midnight show with a bunch of friends. it was a lot of fun. tiring, but a lot of fun. we made sure to see it at the over 21 theater to avoid some of the teenage craziness. although a bunch of women over 21 screaming for 17 year old taylor lautner was interesting ;)

we were waiting for about 4 hours total. not too horrible for a knitter - we have ways to keep busy! above you can see the knitting i did while standing in line.

i was all prepared for the wait outside with my handknits too (although we lined up inside so i didn't get much use out of these)

the pattern for the wristwarmers was based on the fingerless mitts alice wears in the movie :)

dani at sunshine yarns is the genius behind the new moon alice yarn custom dyed to match! i bought 3 skeins and also made a slouchy hat to coordinate.

and to continue the tradition i had another party on saturday to celebrate the movie release (followed by a 2nd viewing of the movie!). my friend aimee picked me up the amazing new moon cupcake above from trophy cupcakes. i can't bring myself to eat it! another friend gave me a puzzle of edward. lol. honestly, i have bought very little twilight related items for myself - all my friends give me the goods! although i admit that i am the first one to rush out and pick up the magazines that have robert pattinson in them. i mean really. look at this guy, i mean sweater ;)

Monday, September 14

bag sale contest pictures

Friday, July 24

lazy coop

do you remember my little boxer? well he is quite the big boy now. and lazy. apparently he can't be bothered to get up to drink his water.


Saturday, July 11

if you love owls

if you love owls you need to head to target now! nick and nora came out with the cutest owl print pjs. i couldn't find a pic online of the pink adult version like i bought but here is the kids blue set.

target online only has the adult owl pants. but in the store they had the little cami/capri set that i bought, the pants, a pj length tshirt and all over print pants with a pink t. i could not decide which set to get! and i was even thinking i might buy a set to cut up and make a sewn bag from because the fabric is SO frickin cute. i love that the print is really big.

in other owl news, i was sitting on my deck enjoying the sunset and freak lightning storm this evening when an owl swooped by and perched in a near by tree. i admit the size freaked me out a little and i hurried my cats inside for fear it would try to come for them (i know that is completely irrational but birds freak me out). later in the evening after the owl left bats started to fly around and usually if they are far i am ok but they were getting a little too close to my deck so we headed inside. i don't know where my fear of flying critters comes from but i was really freaked out tonight (although also in awe of the owl).

Tuesday, July 7

hey mom remember this?

the poster that adorned my bedroom door back in the early eighties. the internets dates this poster as 1983. that means i was 8 when i was a big mj fan. beat it was my favorite video ever. although i admit that i was not a fan of him in later years he was a big part of my childhood. memories i didn't even know i had surfaced over the past week and it's been really nostalgic. seeing the image of this poster flash on cnn brought back visions of my old bedroom and jumping up and down in front of the tv waiting for the premiere of the thriller video in my parents rec room. he was most definitely a childhood icon for me. rip.

Thursday, June 11

even year

not a big fan of the even number years age wise but let's hope this one proves to be different.

to make myself feel better about adding another year to my age i bought fiber. trust me it helps ease the pain a bit. that and the washington apple martinis i plan on consuming tonight.

ahh blues are my new fav (although green will always be my fav, fav)

and greys and the lightest of blues, even better.